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sing a nebulullaby [02 Feb 2010|01:03am]
[ mood | :3 ]

Hello LJ.
I was at Sundance.
(on screen, in spirit and watching via live feed)
Thank you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and the rest of hitrecord.org.
Ya'll are my

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of old and new years [31 Dec 2009|10:09pm]
[ mood | waiting. ]

Why doesn't anyone update their LJ anymore? :( People have migrated to the reblog community that is tumblr, or the short spurts of random blogging that is Twitter. Or the social network/time killer/gaming site that is Facebook. No one writes personal entries anymore. I miss that. I miss hearing about your lives.

Anyway. I don't really know what to say. I haven't updated in months. I just thought I'd answer this --

year ender survey. Just because.Collapse )

Usually, to welcome the new year, I get a haircut/I change my hairstyle. (Last year, I dyed my hair bright red. Bahaha.) But this year, I made a resolution. I have this (slightly big) creative project for the year 2010. The problem with me now is that I'm so worn down from school projects that I have not been able to be creative outside of school. Thus, this project involves being creative, and it's obviously not for school. I made a tumblr for it. If you want to know, ask. Although, I'm scared of sharing things on LJ because things aren't as active anymore and I don't know who's reading... But go ahead, anyhow. :)

So. Let's end this and join the celebration, yeah? HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL! :D Hope your holidays are good! (And productive, if, y'know, you're from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. HAH.)

I love you all. :) Yes, even you.

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eh-leh-vay-shun! [23 Jul 2009|03:57am]
[ mood | still awake ]

It's currently 4 AM. I don't particularly know why I'm updating. It's been quite a while, eh LJ World? I've been keeping up on everyone's updates. I visit my friend's page. I just couldn't find a reason to update. But I do update other things. Like my Flickr account (okay I recently started updating that one again), Twitter (there's quite a backlog of tweets. Haven't visited in a bit. And a bit is forever in Twitterverse), Facebook (only from time to time - to check up on my relatives in other countries), and a blog I had to create for a class. If you want any of these, just ask. I don't see why you would but I'd be happy to add you on any of these social networking sites. :P

As always, life happens in between my updates here. I don't know where to start. If you really want to know, just take a look at my userpic. That's what has been keeping me extremely busy lately.

So... since I'm at a loss for words here, I bring you some of the pictures I took fairly recently:

follow meCollapse )

PS: I just realized that I'm surviving in my web design classes thanks to LJ. So thanks, LiveJournal and your globalhead, CSS & HTML coding. You have saved my sorry arse a few times. :D

PPS: If you know of any good webcomics or graphic novels/comic books I am open to suggestions! :D Also, I was recently given an iPod Touch so if you want to recommend any good apps or games, leave a comment! :D

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wearing my mind on my sleeve [10 Apr 2009|09:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Take the free personality test!

"...With empathy and understanding, they can sense what other people need. Social Realists are always willing to highly regard the strong points of the other person and to excuse that person’s weaknesses. They are the most sociable of all personality types. Social contacts are very important to them. Social Realists find it very difficult to cope with conflicts and criticism - harmony is their elixir of life."

I recently realized how dependent I am on people.

Anyway. Happy Good Friday, everyone. :) I miss the days when my mom was here and we used to fast and turn off all the TVs for a few hours in observance of holy week. We even used to do the Stations of the Cross together. Nowadays, The most my dad and I do is... not go out. Quite a sacrifice, huh?
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